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Born in 1982 in Nyanga village. He attended his education at Mazarura School. During his schooling time Givemore enjoyed art as a hobby through drawing pictures and paintings for the school. He started sculpting at Nyanga craft center then moved to join his brothers in Harare.

In 2000 Givemore started to establish his work to different customers. His sculptures participated in several exhibitions in countries like the UK, CANADA, NETHERLANDS, SOUTH KOREA, GERMANY, SOUTH AFRICA, AMERICA and many more.

Givemore’s sculptures tells more about hisculture and how they live in their daily lives, incorporating movement and style. His work focuses on human figures, birds, abstracts and many more.

Many customers appreciate Givemore’s work because if you looked at his work it drives you into a deeper meaning of lifeand it connects your spiritual side.

Nicholas Pritchard

Gallery Owner

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