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Tinei was born in Nyanga on 8th February 1978. He was educated at Mazarura Primary and Secondary schools. During his childhood, things like drawing mountains and trees, animals and hunters with a stick on the ground was the major pastime, it was no surprise at all when in January 1992 Tinei finally picked up his chisel and hammer and chose the life of an artist.

His art lingers in the region between sensualism and spirituality. Each piece silently speaks of the yearning of the soul to break free from the stifling needs of the physical body. He says his inspiration is an uncontrollable yearning to solidify ideas and feelings. The Flying Angel is a piece portraying the struggle of the soul in its yearning to attain the realms of the bodiless. Tineis work is so powerful that even the press was quick to notice him as he appeared in a Herald article with his very first piece. Tinei owes much of his training replica tag heuer and encouragement to his brother Passmore and Euwitt Nyanhongo who are renowned artists in their own rights.

Tinei has had his works included in several exhibitions in countries like the USA and South Africa. He has also participated in many local exhibitions. He hopes to take part in many other exhibitions and to have his pieces exposed abroad.

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