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Andrew Fitzpatrick

Represented since 1997. Born Greenock 1966.

Fitzpatricks figures do not communicate. They are islands continuously grouped together but not relating. This creates a tension laden with psychological content which both soothes and intrigues. He has clearly imbibed the vividness of travel. His use of colour is dramatic, expressive sometimes jarring. :it is coupled with a searchingly experimental technique.

Virginia Fraser, Vogue magazine.

Andrew Fitzpatrick an artist whose enjoyment in handling pigment and low key colour has something in common with the Glasgow boys. But Fitzpatrick is more engaged with compositional complexities and using black as a colour, especially for cloths. He also introduces symbolism and narrative, some almost victorian in sentiment, others mysterious or even sinister. While his inventions with composition, and silhouettes are admirable, he is best when mystery takes him to the edge of surrealism.

Edward Gage, The Scotsman newspaper.


  • 1978-1984 St Columbas School, Gourock
  • 1984-1988 Glasgow School of Art BA, Hons. Fine art drawing and painting.
  • 1988 The Elizabeth Greenshield Award for painting. (travelling scholarship to Europe)
  • 1989 First solo show Solstice Gallery Edinburgh.
  • 1990 Second Elizabeth Greenshield Award.
  • 1990 Fitzpatrick & Connell, two man show, The Edinburgh Gallery.
  • 1992 Between Dark & Green, solo show, The Edinburgh Gallery.
  • 1993 Solo show & Retrospective, Meddens Kunst, Amsterdam.
  • 1993 Youthful Expression, Edinburgh group show.
  • 1994/1995/1996 The Edinburgh Festival Show.
  • 1998 Emotion Recollected. Solo show, The Edinburgh gallery.
  • 2000/2001/2002/2003/2004/2005/2006 The Caledonian Show, The Contemporary Fine Art Gallery Eton.
  • 2001 Andrew Fitzpatrick & Joan Gllespie, The Edinburgh gallery.
  • 2001 Elected member of the Glasgow Art Club.
  • 2002/2003 Festival Exhibition, The Edinburgh Gallery.
  • 2004 Venice Remembered, The Edinburgh Gallery.
  • 2006 Islington Art Fair, The Edinburgh Gallery. Mysterious Relationships , Gallery- The Project Space ,
    Hanson St, Glasgow

Nicholas Pritchard

Gallery Owner

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