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Catriona Macdonald MacEachen lives in Fife and works as a freelance artist specializing in Scottish land and seascapes. Art has been her passion for as long as she can remember and although mainly self-taught, she specialized in Art while undertaking an Education degree in Glasgow.While continuing to paint, she taught in schools for several years before becoming a fulltime artist in 2009. She feels that the true freedom of expression experienced as a self-taught artist has allowed her to develop her own unique style which is a clear personal reflection of how she perceives the beauty of the world around her and her place in it. Catriona was born in Kirkcaldy and although based in Fife (often reflected in her depictions of local scenes), Catriona's roots lie in the Hebrides. Her fascinating Gaelic ancestry links her directly to Neil MacEachern who sailed with Bonnie Prince Charlie "over the sea to Skye" and on to France with him after the '45, and also to his kinswoman Flora Macdonald. She has a strong affinity, therefore, with the North West of Scotland, Skye and the Isles and believes there to be nowhere more beautiful or inspirational. Catriona heads Northward at every opportunity and these trips greatly influence her work.

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