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Cecilia has painted for as long as she can remember and, after studying in London during the 1980's and returning to the Glasgow Art Scene, she worked primarily in design, but always painted. Since becoming a full-time artist, her work has been in constant demand throughout the country and abroad. Cecilia's work has exhibited in many galleries and prestigious bodies, including The Royal Glasgow Institute (RGI), The Paisley Art Institute (PAI), and pre-selection for the renowned Royal Institute of Oil Painters in London (ROI). Cecilia works in oils and is inspired by urban landscapes, observing human nature and everyday life, whilst also at times injecting a touch of light-hearted humour into her work. She travels regularly and loves the countryside. Her paintings evoke her joie de vivre, holidays in Europe, and observations in restaurants and hotels - her collectors around the World pick up on Cecilia's clever perception of life and her shows often sell out quickly.

Gallerist comment - ' I've known Cecilia for over 20 years and have seen her work grow and grow in popularity. Her observations in bars and restaurants in particular can be quite uncanny, and you almost feel that you could pick up a glass and enjoy the fun, which possibly says a bit too much about myself!'

Nicholas Pritchard

Gallery Owner

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