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Born in 1965, Christopher studied Illustration at what is now Manchester Metropolitan University where he gained a 1st class Honours Degree. Once qualified he rapidly established himself with prestigious commissions for ITV, the major publishing houses, West End theatres and top flight advertising agencies. At this time the Association of Illustrators asked him to join their judging panel for the annual 'Images' best of British illustration, which also featured his work. However he soon found himself increasingly frustrated with the constraints of illustration. He then branched out into the world of murals, sculpture and specialist paint effects, working all over Europe and exporting work as far as Japan and the USA. Clients at this time included the likes of Harrods, Fortnum and Mason and the Walt Disney Corporation. Whilst he found this new combination of outlets a lot more varied and fulfilling, Christopher found that he was spending more and more time pursuing his own personal work, to the point where he now no longer takes on commercial commissions. The work I do now would probably most accurately be described as 'hyper' realism. Although I often use photography to capture transient lighting conditions, I have absolutely no desire to produce a faithful reproduction of the photographs themselves. Instead I use the images as reference points for the creation of a heightened, idealised reality. Christopher now sells work through art fairs and selected galleries, his paintings have joined private collections in the UK, Europe and the United States.

Nicholas Pritchard

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