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About the artist.... Iain studied painting at Grays School of Art. After college he moved to the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides. It's landscapes, coastline and culture has been a pivotal influence and strongly defining his artistic vision. Iain is now based on mainland Scotland with his wife Jennifer who is also an artist. About the work.... Ideas start and develop on the page through drawing. I often enjoy exploring the possibilities of combining two and three dimensional elements. The result can be a playful amalgamation of form realized in paint and shaped using a wide variety of materials. The final compositions are often irregular in outline - a natural result of the creative process. He has exhibited widely - including: The Gallery of Modern Art - Glasgow, Smithsonian Institute USA, Mitchell Library - Glasgow, City Arts Centre - Edinburgh Some selected exhibitions 2010 RSA open Exhibition 2010 RGI Annual Open Exhibition 2011 RSW Annual Open Exhibition - RSA 2011 Aberdeen Artists Open Exhibition 2012 VAS Open Exhibition - RSA 2012 SSA Open exhibition - RSA 2012 Aberdeen Artists Open Exhibition 2012 Paisley Art Institute open 2012 RGI Annual Open Exhibition

Nicholas Pritchard

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