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Liam Ball Sculpture Statement Liam Ball, born Coventry 1964 My work is a mixture of the real and imaginary, with a view to creating sympathy for the idea or subject. A desire to make the work aesthetically pleasing goes some way towards achieving this. I like the idea of telling stories with sculpture, sometimes just a snapshot, a moment within the story and sometimes a whole drama. Found and recycled objects, including reclaimed Hardwoods, Driftwood, and stone in combination with Copper, Pewter, Brass, Paints and Dyes are materials I commonly use. As the work has developed new materials such as acrylic and movable parts have been used in some of the work. The use of such parts and materials invites the viewer to interact with the sculpture; perhaps to open a door, spin a propeller, turn a cog or lift up a lid to see what is inside. I am interested in exploring relationships between ideas that have been around for thousands of years and contemporary thinking, which often only appear different due to the use of available technology. The different properties that the materials I use means relationships both contrary and harmonious can be created to add further dimensions to the work. Additional Information Artist in residence, Brandon Marsh nature reserve, Brandon Nr Coventry 95/96. Work is in private collections in the UK , Holland, Malta, Monaco, Germany, Portugal, South Africa, Brazil, Canada and the USA. My work has been featured on the BBC, various newspapers and in the Natural World magazine. Recent Exhibitions Cork Street Open ( August 2011, August 2012) The Cork Street gallery 28 Cork Street London W1S 3NG

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