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Fabio Arnaudon

cartier ballon bleu tourbillon replica watches Fabio Hurtado Arnaudon ( Madrid 1960 ) is an artist with an unmistakeable style, working from the very beginning in more than one direction at the same time as a paradigm of multiple perception of reality. Painting, photography, music...everything coexisted in Arnaudon' s world creatively feeding one to each other.

Along the last decade, his mixed media work on paper seems to retrieve a child' s way of painting focused through the experience of an adult in a deliberated trance of spontaneous expression. Arnaudon' s oil on canvas bigger format paintings are on the other hand a more carefully thought-out work with a sharp and defined drawing. Anyway both of them share a common approach: a peculiar universe of joyful scenes alternating with dreamlike, even disturbing nightmare atmospheres, as a processed result of a way back inside journey to memories underlying the subconscious.

Arnaudon' s paintings suggest inner landscapes frozen in time... a particular emotional microcosm inhabited by figures portrayed with tenderness and compassion , always through an intimate point of view. His recent works recreate in a very personal way one of his main passions : music.

F.H.A. went to study to the Fine Arts School in Madrid' s University. After three years of teaching experience, in 1988 he finally dedicated himself entirely to painting. From that moment on his presence in international art circles has been constant, participating in solo and collective exhibitions in USA, UK, Spain, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Italy and Switzerland.

He also participated in painting contests receiving numerous awards. In 1996 he was appointed membership of the Rome Academy of Modern Art and the prestigious Financial Times Telecom magazine dedicated a cover page to one of his paintings. Her Majesty Queen Sophia of Spain presented him with a Medal of Honour at the BMW Painting Awards and he was invited also to be part of an exhibition celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Spanish Constitution together with some of Spain' s most important artists.

The Spanish Postal services issued a stamp collection featuring six of his paintings celebrating the role of women and literacy throughout history.

During 25 years of professional carreer he developed two different, yet technically related, creative personalities : Fabio Hurtado ( from 1988) and Arnaudon (from the year 2000). Both are currently established in the contemporary art scene.

Recent Arnaudon exhibitions : 2010

Nicholas Pritchard

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