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Sally Amoore was born in Molo, Kenya in 1954. Upon moving to London at the age of seventeen, she began a career with Bonhams, specialising in the sale of pottery, porcelain and glass. Initially interested in painting, the artist worked in pastel and focused her talent on realist portraiture, working from life or photographs. Ten years ago, Sally Amoore made the switch to sculpture whilst living at her current residence in Windsor. Her work is predominantly focused on wildlife; a passion that stems from her early years spent farming on the plains of Kenya. She sculpts in clay, casting her sculptures in either bronze or resin. Adhering to a form of natural realism, Sally Amoore treats her subject matter with enormous amounts of verisimilitude, a trait that bestows her work with an authenticity unrivalled by many of her contemporaries. In order to achieve this degree of reality in her art, Sally frequently visits different parts of Africa, researching and noting the various species of wildlife found in the continent’s various habitats. Her wildlife sculptures have been commissioned and exhibited throughout England. In July 2006, the artist was awarded the prize for Best Sculpture at the Armed Forces Art Society’s 72nd annual exhibition, held at the Mall Gallery in London. In 2004, Sally was commissioned to sculpt two enormous stone statuettes designed to reside on the gateposts of Dorney Court, a stately home situated in Dorney, Berkshire.

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