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The work has been widely sought after and exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions which have included New York and The Royal Academy, and is in private collections world-wide. 

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Trisha was born in North East England in 1949. Trisha's work is built on centuries old foundations, yet very much conveys a sense of this century with a contemporary edge of freshness & clarity. To her, still life is timeless, with an infinite quality. It is never still, merely captured at a stage in its natural progress.

Colour, light, modern & antique ceramics - particularly of Oriental origins from her collection - plus of course fresh & glowing fruit - the paintings are full of all that particularly interests or delights the artist: the beauty in the colours of fruit, the tactile effects possible from various ceramics, metals and fabric, and the possibilities between variations of deep, mysterious backgrounds or light & weightless ones. Most backgrounds are deliberately simple to allow an almost iconic depiction of the subject matter involved, allowing them to stand in their own space, and the smallest paintings seem to present 'portraits' of individual items, thus giving them an importance all their own. Fruits are firm & fresh, often with a just picked appeal, but if an antique bowl bears the signs of its age, then those elements are included, subtly affirming the intention that this is work of the 21st century. Sometimes, without straying from the expected, there will be slight variations which incorporate something different, such as a detailed background or new item found and recorded for it's interest, but the work is always very much a recognizable style all her own which has developed over almost 20 years, and particularly more so in the past 10 years as her true strengths and direction became clear, and still continue to evolve.

She has always been influenced by the still life masters from the 16th-18th centuries: Spanish, Italian, & Flemish, and has studied their work & methods with a fascinated curiosity, at the same time endeavouring to learn the ways to produce work that is as archivally sound as possible. She sources the best materials suited to the work, some quite hard to obtain, uses traditional methods and explores colour continually, often using paint milled in time proven ways from colourist makers, and even has a number of bespoke colours blended to particularly suit her working palette. The work is mostly painted on fine weave linen canvases or panels, as these have proved best for her technique of building up thin layers over days and weeks, giving a realistically detailed final result that still retains painterly aspects. Simple, yet thoughtful composition together with intuitive use of tone and value combine to make paintings that have been described as exquisite & combining convention with originality. The placements of rich darks with vibrant lights, solid tones against almost transparent glowing areas result in paintings which are calm yet lively, never dull or flat, and compel more than a passing glance.

Born 1949 (McColl-Stott), and is married with two grown up sons. She rekindled her earlier love of painting & art in her mid 30

Nicholas Pritchard

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