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JAMES DORAN-WEBB James has been working with wood, making models and miniature sculptures since he was a small boy. His childhood was spent in the workshops of his parents’ antiques restoration company in France, whittling, carving and refinishing. By the time he reached his late teens he was a very competent cabinet maker, restoring many varied items from heavily carved oak and walnut furniture to the odd Queen Anne finely veneered bureau bookcase. He arrived in The Philippines by chance in 1989, on an extended holiday to help a friend set up his costume jewellery factory. It was love at first site. He was entranced by the countryside, the beaches and above all by the people with their natural flair for colour and artistry. In 1990 he set up his own company designing and making his own range of wooden objects to sell in Europe and the USA, boxes and picture frames encrusted in shells, large papier mache animals and of course – fine pieces of furniture made from salvaged wood. Whilst still continuing to create his own individual pieces; in 2001 he took over the management of another company. It specialized in the manufacture of items made from organic fibers for the florist trade, raffia, abaca, agave, bamboo and palm fibers to name but a few. All made in the old traditional way of the Philippines. Whilst looking for new natural products for the company he happened upon driftwood. It has long been used in both the USA and Europe to make folksy furniture but seldom used before in the flower industry. James saw a niche market for floral accessories, small inexpensive trinkets, hearts, cups and small driftwood bowls etc. The problem was the supply of wood itself. He has been very lucky; not only does he have the support of the governors of the islands where his driftwood collecting venture provides much needed cash for the poorer fishing villages, he also works with an NGO specializing in clearing up the beaches of the Philippines – a never ending task! He has a massive collection of driftwood, varying in size from small pieces to large natural sculptures, each piece hewn by the tide and swirling seas into a myriad of individual shapes. Six years ago he started to design his own pieces of furniture from driftwood and it was whilst playing with these designs, he decided to try his hand at making animals. His large supply of driftwood has made it possible for him to find the pieces of wood that most lend themselves to the natural form and shape needed to give his animals the movement and reality he strives to obtain, in every piece he creates. He now spends all his spare time in his studio making his animal sculptures. Over the last eighteen months his horses have been exhibited in Manila and Cebu in the Philippines and in Beijing, China. His smaller sculptures are currently being exhibited both on The East and West Coast of America.

Nicholas Pritchard

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